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Tom Sawyer 

Tom "Tomegun" Sawyer, Assigner, (301)266-1748

Bobby McRoy

Bobby "El Bobbo" McRoy, Gym Coordinator, (702)300-7910

 Eugene Felise

Eugene "Mean Gene" Felise, Gym Coordinator, (510)427-3415


Lisa "Nickname TBD" Bishop, Gym Coordinator, (775)560-8400

Tournament Information

2017 Tournament Dates

  • April 13-15 - Easter Showdown
  • April 21-23 - Spring Spectacular
  • April 28-30 - Las Vegas Grand Opening & Earl Watson Elite
  • July 19-23 - Las Vegas Live
  • July 26-30 - Fab48, Girls Fab48, Las Vegas Classic, Nike 8
  • July 31 - August 3 - Las Vegas Last Call & Jr Fab48

Please set your availability for the 2017 spring and summer tournament dates.  Providing ISO your availability does not guarantee games.

Games are normally scheduled every hour and five minutes or every hour and ten minutes.  The typical tournament day starts at 8am.


Please ensure your availability is set and updated.  If you need help setting your availability look at the knowledge base article here.


  • Payment info will be posted on this site and communicated via email prior to the start of the tournaments.
  • Game fees are $25/game for all tournaments except those July 26-30; game fee is $27.50 July 26-30 with the exception of the Jr Fab48 and some other special event games.
  • The Global Cash Card is the ISO method of payment.
  • A one time fee of $3 is assessed to all officials that work July 26-30.

ISO Uniform:

  • Shirt – normal black and white shirt without state logos. Black side panel and US flags are optional and your crew doesn’t need to match
  • Shorts – plain black shorts with a manufacturer’s logo
  • Socks – black
  • Shoes – black with the caveat that we know the standard has changed to allow some grey, silver and white. This does NOT mean white soled shoes
  • Tights (on legs only) – optional, black only
  • Not permitted - jewelry (including activity trackers), headbands, long-sleeved shirts under your ref shirt

The overall deciding factor on uniform items should be professionalism.

Pre-Game Communication and Responsibilities:

  • The first crews at a location will get a text; one official from the crew must reply to that text once the entire crew is in the gym ready to work - do not reply to the text until the entire crew is there. Provide the names of everyone in the crew and the location that you are at
  • Arrive to your court, no later than 20 minutes before the scheduled tip off.  NOTE:  Being in the parking lot or bathroom doesn't count
  • Make sure you look at the officials directory on Reftown to get your partner(s) phone number - this is your responsibility
  • If you are running late, call your partner FIRST before calling Tom
  • If your partner hasn't arrived 20 minutes before game time, call Tom
  • Have your phone with you and be ready to answer calls on game days
  • If you cannot get in contact with your partner, call Tom with the understanding that your partner will be considered late and a fine will result
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